Tuesday, November 2, 2010

are u strong enough???

as i grow up, i dream to be an architect. konon2 best lah...
now i'm on my way to be an architect. give up? argghhh its in my mind somehow!!!
rasa macam nak cakap kat mak, nak kawin terus.. penat sangat. -,-
things do suck sometimes..
but life has been super dooper great. with the experience, adventure, trip, trip, trip and friends all around me.
n definitely my parents and family are always with me when needed! alhamdulillah..
my dad, always motivated me with his long long journey experienced to be what he is now.
thank you dad! so much good words to describe u n mom!
i couldnt care less right now. just go for it!!!
be strong and u'll get it! insyaAllah.

good luck for ur VIVA 3 haidar! :)
n this sem will end. yahooo!!!